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Twas ok... But..it was hard to get into.. since Ashe is married to Tryndamere, and theyre a queen and king...and thy both hail from frejord. Wouldn't make sense putting them against eachoher and what not.

Ferdafs responds:

Thank you for your comment.
It is true that the sory is a bit different but after reading the lore a couple of times we thought of a few things:
"Rumors abound that Ashe has begun to associate herself with fellow champion Tryndamere. While she denies such talk as frivolous, all eyes will remain on Ashe now that her success in the League may finally allow her to restore lasting peace to her people."
Which shows only an association. But then in their trivia:
"Ashe is married to Tryndamere, though she states that this is not for romantic reasons but for political ones."
All in all this gave us the idea that maybe the King and Qeen skins are actually the future and not the present. That was just an idea but we thought we'd circle around it and maybe show how they reached the conclusion to marry.
I'm sorry for the long message, I just wanted to clear things up. :)

Addicting, but a tad bit easy. Wish there was a little more.

I loved the first one, but this needs alot of work lol, seems like itll be cool if its fully out. And i was able to glitch him into the wall, make him glitch out of the wall, and then get unlimited money by glitching the hammer in him. Just some feed back. And he wont stop being on fire.. lol

Fu ame, but too easy, after getting the very last ship for cheap, and the weapon of most damage cheaper than others, its not really any challange to get them. Too low costing for best items, not good.

Overall it's an addicting game.

pree cool


my first try, i shot myself at the sun adn thats how i got the wrong way achive, so its not impossible ty noob

this is rele cool

i like it, but i think more sohuld be added

Way to fast

too fast bro, and you made the paddles too slow

booshnogh responds:

It was meant to be very challenging, like the original Pong.


but on hemmingens test 2
theress a glitch where if you go all the way to the bottom of your isle, then try to go behidn one of the chairs, you glitch out of the game..

love it

but prob for me was, when i get a certain amount of pixs, it would freeze up D:


Words cannot discribe how awesomes this game issss!!!!

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